Teachers have struggled over the last two years with the toggle between in-person classrooms and virtual learning environments. Some teachers have even found that they are teaching in an entirely virtual setting, 学习一套新的技能. 当流行病来临时,我发现我的生意, 九游会赌钱县最大的娱乐公司, 一夜之间消失了. My friend Michelle Morningstar was an online teacher who was using the educational platform Outschool 在线英语教学. 她邀请我加入这个网站,试一试. 我发现自己天生就有当老师和讲故事的天赋. 在过去的两年里, 我和三个人一起工作过,000 students from diverse backgrounds who have consistently provided 5-star reviews. 

While connecting with students and families online may seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Let’s look at ways to build positive and productive connections in online learning. I have leveraged the following strategies over the past two years to become one of the top-rated teachers on Outschool in addition to having success wherever I may teach online.


在在线学习环境下,教室是没有后场的. 任何学生都不应该在网络课堂中感到被忽视. Teachers see everything that happens in the virtual classroom; moreover, 所有学生都有平等的机会分享和被看到. 创造一种社区意识, 友谊, 一个积极的在线课堂环境需要经过深思熟虑的规划. 有效地教学是完全可能的, 建立社区, 在网上培养学生的社交和情感需求. 


当学生进入虚拟教室, teachers should greet every student by name and schedule the first five minutes as a time for students to share about anything important to them. This is an important time to jot notes about students and keep them handy for each class. This data helps to create a culture of visibility such that all students feel seen and heard. 在最初的几周,建立和审查 规则、规范的期望,以及课程目标. A rule that I include in my classroom is that students respect and support each other. Consider prompting students to provide input and feedback on the classroom norms, 讨论他们认为这些规则存在的原因.


Ensure lesson plans are interactive and thoughtfully designed to engage students by providing opportunities for response and feedback every three to four minutes. This gives a chance to check for understanding and to let students be part of their educational process. Create online games or project-based challenges to supplement and reinforce target content and skills. 视频是另一种资源 促进学生参与 through small-group discussions and reflections on what they notice within short videos you show during class. Teachers must know how to manage the online classroom and use technology. 在同步虚拟课程的上下文中, 考虑以下几点:如果一个学生行为不当, l send a written private chat warning first followed by a verbal warning. 如果这两个都不行, I may place the student in a separate virtual room in order to have a one-on-one discussion before returning to class. Knowing how to use the educational technology used in the online learning environment along with all of the associated tools can make a difference in the effectiveness of teaching and learning. 


Teachers must strive to create a positive and uplifting classroom culture of learning. 表扬学生的努力, 即使他们的回答不正确:“我知道你是怎么想的. 这是一个很酷的看待问题的方式. 不知道有没有人有什么想法想分享?” This feedback encourages everyone to participate because no one is being embarrassed if they are incorrect. Let others answer, as well, and then provide the correct answer and explain why. 我对正确答案和错误答案的评价是一样的. As a result, my students with disabilities love to participate because their voices are welcome. 带着微笑来上课,并计划一个伟大的、互动的课堂. Students will want to be in your classes when they feel seen, heard, and respected.  


Teachers regularly receive communication from students’ families to ask questions, 寻求支持, 或分享问题. 在我作为一名在线教师的工作中, I am always grateful each time a caregiver writes me an email because this gives me an opportunity to connect and work through any issues I might be having with a student. Teachers must see family and caregiver communication as a means to obtain important data, 洞察力, and guidance about students while building relationships of trust and understanding. 


Communicate with caregivers consistently, 清晰的ly, and in a timely manner. 在学年开始时,至少给所有监护人发一次邮件. Share positive feedback about their student’s learning and growth and invite them to reach out anytime they are 关注ed. This builds a positive relationship should the need for a difficult conversation ever arise. 与护理人员沟通时, acknowledge that they are the expert when it comes to their child and ask them what has worked in the past, 没有什么工作, 他们的建议是什么. 在沟通时,教师必须关注 主动和协作 在解决问题的过程中. 当我在课堂上遇到挑战时, I communicate with caregivers in the following way: “I wanted to let you know that I tried (specific strategy) and this happened… What do you think about us trying (specific strategy) instead? 你有什么反馈或想法吗?就这样, I have built positive relationships with the caregivers of all my students, 并表明九游会赌钱是他们孩子教育的伙伴.


教师必须努力与学生和照顾者组成团队. 当存在一致性时, 清晰的, 以及记录良好的沟通, 几乎没有混乱或缺乏理解的余地. Caregivers will have a better context through which to understand student growth and progress, particularly when students share about their work in the classroom at home. Caregivers learn to trust teachers when they believe everyone is on the same page. 当学生们共同抱怨时,这一点尤为重要, 关注, 或者其他关于学校的负面情绪. 而不是做最坏的打算, caregivers may feel comfortable and safe reaching out for clarification and support in these difficult situations. 

我是一个候选人 九游会赌钱教育学硕士学位 program while earning my teaching credential at the same time through the TEACH-NOW教师准备证书项目. As I complete my coursework with Moreland while continuing to teach online, I am reminded that teachers must tap into the joy they have that brought them to the classroom as they seek to connect with students and families. Remember: We have the chance to share our passion with students and families as we seek to build relationships of trust and understanding.